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Five weeks in India 2013-2014 - The beginning

How come India? 

Each of us has his way in life and is following it conditionned by discovering your true scope, your true reason of your existence on Earth. Is there a beter place for this than mystical India? India is a country of permanent contrasts.It is a huge subcontinent and you need a whole life to feel herm understand her, breath her. 

I had in my mind the idea of going to India and, as in other plans of discovering and knowledge of our big planet Gaya, i didn't have any concrete plan. Last year, before and after the fast train travel through Europe (I hope that I have intensely and wisely lived evey moment of that trip), I found some books which enhanced me the wish to go to India. I don't know how I found about the launching of "Prin lume, spre mine. Un jurnal al devenirii" the book of Iunia Pașca and I read it following every step, every internal conflict, every release from the claws of the past. I heard about "Namaste" books of Sega, two spiritual adventures novels from India and Nepal, and they seemed very commercial. I hesitated to buy them and I don't regret the moment i bought them. In fact I don't regret any moment of my life, whether I like it or not. His adventures looked amazing, full of excitement and interior discoverings. I discovered a book between the books from my grandfather (who died in 1992 and left me a hidden treasure of books and personal writings). The book contained the most important indian epics: Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita and I read them trying to understand their essential. We still have Vedas and Upanishads... Complicated philosophies which strenghtened the spiritual connection whith my grandfather! In the last months I read also the books of Nicolae (Puiu) Dimache "O privire dincolo de orizont. Jurnal de călătorie în jurul lumii" (Editura Vremea, 2009) and "Vulcani, fluvii sacre și zei de piatră. Călătorie în India și sud-estul asiatic" (Editura România Pitorească, 2013). From all the lectures asimilated page by page I imaginated myself as a traveller through fascinating India. I added to all these written words the mandalas started a few time ago, the mantras that follow me all the time ("Om mani padme hum"/"Om mani padme hung" is one of the strongest mantras), the interest and atraction to yoga, spirituality and wish of every traveller to explore life.

The decision come by itself in may-june: I have to go to India this year! She calls me! I search on internet informations about the best time for travelling, visa conditions, cheapest plane tickets, recommended vaccines and with all these informations, I make the first step: vacation request! It's very easy because we ussualy have a winter vacation at our company. In order to have enough time (there is no enough time!) for India, I take two weeks from my vacation days from 2014! So mychief agreed for 5 weeks of active vacation (14 of december-19of january). I buy the plane ticket with Turkish Airways (684 euro round ticket) four months before leaving Bucharest ( august 2013), I obtain the housing confirmation for all perion (I stay only 3 nights with him) from a friend K.V.Singh Gunwar for some money sent to his account (the money don't go to his account and we solve this hand to hand, i fill the online application formcompletez on the indian embassy site, I print it, make two passport photos and I go with the passport on 13 of november to the embassy in the working times (8.30-12.00). They refuse the application because I don't have a scanned photo. I solve this at an office close to the embassy and they accept my application on 14 of november. I pay the 147 lei visa tax and get a bill which I have to present on 22 of november to take my passport with visa (a multiple entry visa for 6 months). From now in two weeks! It is one of the best gift I made to myself!

I make an appointment to la Infectious diseases "Victor Babeș" Hospitat at the Diagnostic and Treatment Center for vaccines. When I left to Norway in 2010 with a volunteer plan to go to Africa, I did some vaccines and now I don't find the vaccines book. On the appointment I make vaccines for Hepatitis A (which I have to repeat in the next 6 months), thyphoid fever, polio, diphteria, tetanos and pertussis (DTP). The vaccines are not mandatory, they are only recommende. All the vaccines costed me about 100 euros.

Now, with all the vaccines, I only have to make the final planning. It's hardly a plan because, excepting the first three days when I know my palce of staying, the rest is life's will. A good friend nuys me a travel giude for India. It's one of the best travel guides when you plan everything from home. But once you  are there, all the plannan is messed and you discover that everything is 10 times more, bigger and interesting than written in the guide. I have a long list of places where I want to go: New Delhi, Amritsar (the spiritual center of sikh religion), Dharamsala, Mcleodganj (where I hope to meet Dalai Lama), Shimla, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer etc (cities from Rajahstan, the desert state)... I could write here a lot of places which I add everytime I read in the guide and I prefer to make them as surprises. They were also unpreddicted surprises for me (as the last week in Uttarakand on the way up close to the glacier origin of Ganga).

We finish our job on 13 of december and on 14 of december, 10.30 I will take off to Istanbul. I will be two hours earlier at the airport to check-in. 

You want to know what I packed... I took only 12 kilos! In the big backpack received as a gift from my sister (60 liters) I put my summer sleeping bag (used by my mother as a blanket), the internal sleeping bag, a small backpack, 4 T-shirts, 2 long sleeves shirts, two fleece jackets, a raincoat, flip-flops and boots, a camelbag, personal stuff, socks, a pair of gloves, two buffs (one with Maraton Apuseni), a cap, the guide of India, a notebook for journal and pens, the medical pack, the frontal lantern, toilet paper, the camera with an extra card, my phone, chargers, a plastic spoon, some romanian gifts from the airport headphones a a lot of will of knowledge. On my way back I will have a lot of souvenirs and the pack doubled as weight!

Until next time, listen to a heart mantra Ad gurey namah - Deva Premal in a meditation near Buddha!

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